Introduction And History

Jigs Laundry Services is one of the best laundry service. Our size and services has experienced a tremendous growth, we remain consistent to our main objective since the founding, which is to provide an expedient and dependable attire care and with a focus on quality.


  1. Quality: Delivering the best possible quality to our customers and ensuring they are satisfied with our services.
  2. Customer Service: We promise to our customers with the best customers care by listening and responding to our customer’s needs. We promise to continue extending a warm friendly enthusiastic and courteous attitude towards our customers.
  3. Integrity: We provide to honour our commitments.


  1. To provide our customers with a consistent, dependable-when-promised services.
  2. To maintain a high slanders of workmanship, quality and our commitments.


Our MISSION is to:

  1. Provide the best laundry and dry cleaning services and meet the needs of our customers.
  2. Be the industry leader thought our consistent pursuit of excellence.
  3. Remain trusted for our integrity, respected for our business practices and recognized for our success.

Our VISION is to:

  1. Be the leading laundry and dry cleaning nationwide with focus on high quality.
  2. Unrivaled customer services and environmentally friendly operation whilst nurturing the welfare of stakeholders.