We do any type of laundry. Any clothing that needs to be cleaned or that has already been cleaned but needs to be ironed or freshened up we are the people for the job!

Great Features:

•    Fresh, clean, ready to wear shirts folded or on hangers

•    Bed linen cleaned and pressed ready to use

•    Beautiful clean table linen

•    Soft folded towels

•    The convenience of home or workplace collection

Your personal items carefully wrapped and returned in our reusable packaging or a degradable bag.

Our Price: Washing, Drying and Folding for each General Garment from $4.00 and Washing for Undergarment for $1.00 each, 3 Garments Wash and Press for $12 even better 5 Garments wash and press $18.

(Garments are: Shirts, Trousers, Jeans, Top, Skirts, Vest, Scarf, T-shirt, T-Polo, Jumper and Many more)

Dry Cleaning

At Best Care, professional dry cleaning is much more than just cleaning. Our process involves multiple operations performed by a team of skilled professionals whose goal is to give your garments a like-new appearance.

One of the many advantages of dry cleaning is that it dissolves and eliminates grease and oil on many materials, from natural to synthetic. Dry cleaning is extremely gentle on natural fibres such as wools and silks, making it the preferred care method.

After all stains are expertly treated and your clothes have been professionally dry cleaned, they are hand-finished on our steam equipment to restore them according to specific fabric requirements. We perform minor repairs at no additional cost, give each garment a final inspection and return it to you—ready to wear. We Dry clean Leather jacket, suede Jacket, Trousers, General garments, Weeding Dresses, Evening Wear, Donna, Table Cloth, Curtain, Rugs and many more.

Our Special Offer on Dry-cleaning

3 Garments for $20 and even better 6 Garments for $38.

(Garments are: Suit Jacket, Shirts, Trousers, Jeans, Plain top, Plain Skirts, Vest, Scarf, T-shirt, T-Polo, Jumper, Tie and Many more. Please note only 1 Suit Jacket Can be added in 3 Garments special and 2 Suit Jacket Can be added in 6 Garments Special. )

10% discount for senior citizen and 20% discount for Government employees on Dry cleaning. Photo ID require.


Our Price for Ironing: Ironing from $2.80 each garments

(Garments are: Shirts, Trousers, Jeans, Top, Skirts, Vest, Scarf, T-shirt, T-Polo, Jumper and Many more.)


Whether it’s a simple shortening of a hem or a pair of trousers, invisibly mending a tear, or a major adjustment to an haute couture item, the same dedication goes into our tailors work.

And we don’t just ‘lob a bit off the bottom’. If, for example, you want the sleeves of a jacket shortened, we’ll start at the top, taking the extra material from the shoulder and adjusting the shoulder pads and lining, so that the original detail at the cuff of the sleeve remains.

This attention to detail is paramount in any clothing alterations, be it shortening or lengthening jackets, sleeves, trousers, skirts, dresses, adding or removing turn-ups, adjusting waist size or lapels, or even just moving buttons.

Our Price for Trousers:

Hem From $10, Let out Waist $35, Let in Waist $28, Let In Side $28, Invisible Zip $28, Metal Zip $35.

We also do made cloth include suit Jacket, Trouser, Shirt and more by measurement . Book your appointment today!